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It’s pretty hard these days to figure out which reviews out there you can trust and which ones you can’t. Many companies pay to be on these sites while reviews can come from completely anonymous people. Who’s to say that they aren’t from the actual company themselves or the same people over and over again, sending out a glowing (or horrible), yet completely biased review. Get your Angie’s List 25% off Any Membership Coupon Code by clicking on this link!

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Angie's List

Well now you don’t have to wonder if the reviews your reading are real and trustworthy. Angie’s List is a growing collection of homeowners’ real-life experiences with local service companies. Members submit reports about the companies they’ve hired, giving information like the cost, the quality of work, cleanliness, response time, etc. All things you would love to know before actually the job is done.

Angie’s list is all about being unbiased so of course they give the availability to the companies to respond to the reviews themselves, in order for the members to get ALL the information they need before making a hiring decision. Also, members can only post once every six months, so you know that those five awesome reviews about the company you’re looking into isn’t from the same person. Staff members from Angie’s list keep an alert heads up for red flags and irregularities so you’re in the clear from faulty reviews.

Never worry about making the wrong hiring decision again and check out Angie’s list today. Recieve 25% off your membership fee using coupon code WINNER25!!