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Get $0 initiation fee on monthly payment memberships with 24 Hour Fitness promo codes in 2016. Whether you want to shed some weight or strives to become a little healthier or want a muscle look with 6 packs, 24 Hour Fitness allows you to browse through thousands of gym and health diet products and supplements, which are tested & trusted by many of the athletes, gymnast and body builders.


With great products in available online, 24 Hour Fitness thrives in building a complete fitness program for every age and need by providing services like personal training, innovative group exercises and much more.

Flexible Membership Plans:

No matter, if you are going to spend only few weeks or getting connected for a longer term, 24 Hour Fitness has special plans with concessions ranging from free supplements to flat cut off in charges.

  • Standard membership: If you are not going to spend a fair bit of time in 24 Hour Fitness club. You should opt for a standard plan, where only the monthly charges will be applicable with negligible initiation fee.
  • Loyalty Rewards: If you are trying to settle down into a disciplined schedule and want to stay fitter and healthier with increasing age. Pay some of your initiation fee and get discounts on monthly dues. You will start enjoying reduction to normal dues after 1 year.
  • Loyalty premium: Again for the long and healthy future with 24 hour fitness, just contribute with a little higher initiation fee and get more bonus as compared to loyalty rewards on monthly dues plus more reduction after 1 year.
  • The prep-paid membership tells that a customer is willing to burn beyond their comfort zone and thus special coupons are available for them to enjoy extra offers and deals.
  • You can select your club access and level by opting for the type and location of club. If you are only concerned about taming your increasing weight, you can opt for Active/Express level, while if you are not sure, whether you will stay at the same location or not, you may choose a multi club access so as to keep fitness across our network of nearly 400 clubs.

There are also special offers present in detail at, including 50% off on initiation fee for loyalty reward members.

From cardio to Zumba or cycling to aqua, the vintage club provides all sorts of physical & psychological training along with various special events organized by the clubs to notch for the top spot in fitness. Winners also receive heavy prices from the club. You can also browse for all the 24 Hour Fitness offers including $0 initiation fee for a monthly 24 Hour Fitness membership plan or other exclusive discounts on fitness tracking devices, snacks, supplements and more.

Being in the business of fitness from 30+ years, the U.S based franchise has grown immensely over the past to produce 400 clubs across 18 states. From Arizona to Virginia, 24hourfitness has kept its presence across the nation with its ace understanding of goals of every individual, helping them to attain physical strength and thus making their lives healthier.

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24-hour-fitness-coupons24 Hour Fitness pioneered the beginning of all time access of gyms and classes so that people can go and work out to stay fit whenever they want. By undertaking the duty to help you improve your health, keeping in mind your specific needs and abilities, 24 Hour Fitness has changed the face of fitness. Get 24 Hour Fitness membership deals and save with $0 initiation membership fees and monthly dues at With scores of different classes, 24 Hour Fitness gets to help you achieve your goals and be passionate about healthy living and lifestyle. Each individual is different with a set of ideas and rules and limits to what their body can achieve. Whatever that idea is, 24 Hour Fitness guides you to achieve that and more. All the 24 Hour Fitness clubs are easily accessible and offer a huge variety of classes for different age groups and people with different interests. To them you are the most important person in the world. Any day, any time, it strives to give you what you want. 24 Hour Fitness boasts of 400 million members, getting help and guidance from certified experts from all of its 400 clubs in cities like Colorado, California, Hawaii, New York, Kansas, Florida, Washington and others. 24 Hour Fitness is open every day, all hours, and all year.

24 Hour Fitness has named their group classes as Group X. Group classes are high on fun and crackling with energy. There is an awesome camaraderie and encouragement is rampant. Everyone wants the others to do well but there is still a healthy dose of competition. You work harder and better and the team spirit makes it an all-round success. Group classes are very popular among people who like to socialize while they work out. Classes are specially designed for individual needs and fall into different categories like dance, kickboxing, Les Mills, cardio, boot camp, cycling, mind and body, active aging, zumba, strength and aqua classes. All these classes are designed to make you fitter, reduce stress, shed the extra weight and feel wonderful after a hard working day. Most of these programs are fiercely energetic that help you increase your stamina and endurance. Learn some self-defense moves and stay fit with karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Punch and kick your way to feeling great and more confident.

24 Hour Fitness boasts of the best-certified trainers who coach you on whatever you want with no one around to steal their focus. Giving you what you want and helping you achieve any fitness goal that you may have is their only agenda. Whether you want to lose weight or pack on more muscles, or just want to get lean, you have come to the right place. Personal training classes are very popular among people who are looking for something very specific and who need full attention of their trainers. With the help of experts of 24 Hour Fitness clubs, you can achieve your goals faster and have customized programs depending on your requirements. Each session is between 25-50 minutes so that you can get the best out of them.

Check out 24 Hour Fitness’ Free Evaluation and see where you stand in the scale of fitness. Choose your classes wisely with the help of an expert and see the difference in a few weeks. Get in shape faster and stay that way with 24 Hour Fitness. For more info about 24 Hour Fitness promo code and deals, please visit our website now!

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There are so many benefits to joining a health club or gym, so maybe its time for you to look into getting your membership now. When you join 24 Hour Fitness, your membership includes access to more than 400 conveniently located clubs across the U.S. that are open up to 24 hours a day. To top it off all these clubs are properly equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, cardio and resistance training, online nutrition, high-energy Group exercise classes, and guidance from our staff of more than 4,000 certified personal trainers nationwide.

By becoming a member you are making a commitment to health, or more importantly, a promise to live better. If you want to feel better and live longer, well this is the first step. 24 Hour Fitness believes is committed to making its clubs affordable and accessible to people of all abilities and fitness levels.

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