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Get Adidas promo codes 2013 online and save up to 75% on Adidas shoes for men, women and kids at,, and more. Here is out take on Adidas Springblade Running Shoes:

The Concept Behind:

adidas-springblade-reviewsAdidas being one of the leading sports brands, roll out legendary shoes at every launch. Backed by a creative and expert team that showcases innovation in each pair, Adidas has now come up with the new Springblade Running Shoes. The shoes are decked with 16 elastic blades stuck to the midsole. The blades are designed to provide extra support to the runner and balances him through every movement and flex of his feet, that he makes during his run. The polymer blades incorporate new technology to add a spring in the runner’s step and causes him to move forward, thus increasing his overall efficiency and speed. The Springblade duo is inspired by springboards and flexible pole vaults. The exclusivity and style of the shoes manifest in the perfect upper fitting and a supportive heel cup that stabilizes foothold. Further, multiple colors are available to lend both men and women with endless options. Needless to say, the Adidas Springblade is already a running sensation among everyone.

Matchless Cushioning:

The correct proportion of cushioning is of paramount importance in running shoes as it provides the much-required comfort without uneasiness. Adidas, as one of the most celebrated brands, has come up with the high-energy cushioning in Springblade that not only lets you get a better grip on the plain surfaces but also makes it easier to run on uneven terrains. The cushioning is centered on the 16-blade frame with each blade and the right technical specification lending you more elasticity and room for foot adjustment while on the move. As the appropriate heel length help in bestowing adequate cushioning, the blades below revolutionize your run.

The Ultimate Comfort:

Comfort is one of the priorities that none of us wants to compromise. The Springlblade is mid-weighted with splendid ventilation prospects that providing world-class breathing room while letting you execute flawless precision through biting twists and turns. While Adidas chose to keep the soles somewhat wide for better comfort, the upper carries a sleek build. The sock-like fit of the shoe adjusts to the body weight and feels like a second-skin. The moment you start running, it adjusts itself accordingly to make you as light as a feather and thus adding to a better run. The air-mesh tongue and collar oxygenates your feet and minimizes internal sweating so that the heat is never a problem.

adidas-running-shoes-couponsA Mindful Creation:

Adidas created this fabled pair after years of research and testing. The Springblade has a unique ability to absorb shocks and thus facilitates a more balanced and stable run. Needless to say, the hard work of the engineers, creative teams and other members has come up with a brilliant creation of outstanding merit.


The pair is undoubtedly a novelty in its own right and a symbol of break-through technology. The Adidas Springblade Running Shoe has become the rage in the running community. With distinguished features and high grade technology, the shoes have become the first choice of athletes worldwide. The polarizing personality makes Springblade unbeatable among its peers.

Order one for yourself and see the difference in your run with Adidas Springblade Running Shoes.

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Adidas Clearance Sale 2013 from 0


Get Adidas promo codes 2013 and save up to 50% plus Free Shipping during end of the season sale at Its our favorite time of the year- time for end of season sales and exclusive offers from Adidas. Shop your favorite Adidas styles including Mi customizable gear from Here are some of the latest to get excited about from Adidas for men, women, and kids. Adidas has everything you’ll need to keep you and the family outfitted, protected, and feeling comfortable. We’re excited to share the latest options by Adidas in classic and contemporary styles that are sure to please:

Adidas Originals:

Adidas has exciting new apparel for men, women, and kids under their originals clothing lines. Find all your favorite classic Adidas styles and color combinations in a shopping spree that is bound to give you a nostalgic sense of satisfaction. Adidas understand that the classics are adored for a reason. They’ve brought back all the original styles for you to show off. The Originals line by Adidas has thousands of items available, like the original trefoil fleece, firebird track pants, and three strip high tops, all designed specifically for you to show off your attitude.

Adidas Sports:

If the Originals are the heart of the brand, then Adidas sport clothing and sneaker lines are the lungs of the brand. Adidas Sport has thousands of items available including the best selling lines from the brand like Energy Boost, Springblade, and training lines. The new Springblades by Adidas feature a revolutionary design that are sure to put a spring in your step and get you noticed too. Energy Boost sneakers also feature all new materials and design, engineered to maximize your performance. Both the Springblade and Energy Boost are available in sizes for the whole family.

Adidas Sports Accessories & Athletic Gear:

Get accessories for the whole family too; Adidas has something for everyone including gear for dad, stylish options for mom, and all the things the kids will need too. Everything from hats, socks, backpacks, purses, safety gear, and stylish layers, Adidas accessories has you covered. Shop for balls, bands, watches, and sunglasses too. Find accessories for skate, surf, running, swimming, hiking, volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and more. For more info about Adidas coupons and deals, please visit our website now!

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Adidas is undergoing exciting new company revitalizations with new styles, materials, and options for everyone. Adidas is not a brand just for runners. They offer products of high quality engineering that offer all day comfort. Whether you are a serious athlete or just living a busy lifestyle- you need to feel supported and free moving from head to toe. Adidas has gear in all styles, for all conditions, activities, and for all ages. With our Adidas promo codes 2013, you can save up to 50% plus get Free Shipping during Adidas end of the season sale at

Latest from Adidas:

Adidas Men: Adidas has gear engineered specifically to endure all the hard play you enjoy. Men’s apparel comes in a variety of styles from the Originals line to all sports styles and casual graphic tees. Think of Adidas next time you need quality swim trunks. Adidas makes outdoor gear too under their climatology line that touts fleece, even Terrex wading pants.

Adidas Women: Adidas gear for women offers the most competitive selection of style and performance gear. Women love the newest yoga and lifestyle clothing line from Adidas. Its sleek, stylish, and most importantly lets you move with confidence! Shop online and use their bra finder to find the perfect fit for your body, for what activity moves you the most.

Adidas Kids: This line in performance gear is a great way to let kids discover how there is a right tool for every job. With Adidas gear kids can discover this world for themselves. Keep them protected and give them every opportunity to perform their best while looking their best. Adidas Kids develop confidence and self esteem in their team sports gear.

Adidas Running: Adidas and running shoes go together like America and apple pie. We are witnessing a revolution in Adidas running sneakers that everyone who has feet wants to take advantage of. Adidas is rethinking midsole materials and is scrapping the standard EVA foam found in most running shoes. Instead, it’s using a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material found in the dashboards of BMW automobiles; 2,500 little plastic pebbles are fused with steam and pressure to yield the cushioning layer of a single shoe. The result is a midsole material that is “springy” and offers better cushioning than traditional foams. Adidas really has something new and exciting with the new Springblade and Energy Boost lines. They are incredibly resilient and cushioned shoes, so much so they are the new go to everyday shoe for more than just runners.

Adidas Sports: Adidas makes equipment for sports like rugby, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, even skating and yoga. Sports equipment, sports shoes, gear duffel bags, and training equipment like sunglasses, watches, and more. Adidas has a great line called Mi Coach, similar to Nike’s + line, it tracks important details about your workout and gives you feedback on time, calories, and progress towards your personal goals. This smart product synch with your computer and mobile devices! Mi Adidas: Customize your gear with the new Mi Adidas service! Similar to the Nike ID line, Mi Adidas lets you customize the details like color and material on your new Adidas apparel.

Adidas Promo Code 2013 End of Season Sale upto 50% off and Free Shipping 0

Fashionistas may coo over apparel lines like Y-3 and NEO, but Adidas’s bread and butter have always been footwear, and most particularly athletic shoes.

Known for being fashion-forward and innovative, 2013’s product line again showcases the brand’s dedication to setting new standards within the industry. From athletes looking to boost performance to casual wearers, Adidas has a pair for everyone. We’re particularly psyched about the products listed below.

Welcome to the future. Probably the most outlandish design since the Nike Shox, the Adidas Springblades quite literally feature 16 elastic blades on the outsole. Billed to improve speed and response while also decreasing stress, the bladed flourish is far from a novelty. In fact, reviews have been positive all around.

Aside from the standout feature, the shoe also features a techfit upper for a contoured fit and unparalleled support.  Coupled with an incredibly breathable mesh, the shoes are definitely a long distance runner’s wet dream.

Jeremy Scotts Line
Spartans and the bashful need not apply.  Adidas shoes are already iconic, but they become legendary with the influence of designer Jeremy Scott. Colorful, eccentric, and pricy, the unique line of sneakers feature designs that toy with brand image through excess and counterculture. Oversize wings, contrasting plaid tops, and even shoes shaped like pink poodles are all options.

While featuring Adidas’s well regarded ergonomics and heel support, the unorthodox footwear is for casual use only. After all, the lady’s editions often feature high heels. See a pair you like? Don’t waste time, as most designs are quite scarce.

Energy Boosts
The Springblade’s precursor, Adidas’s Energy Boost running shoes use the same principle of shock absorption and propulsion to offer serious runners a serious boost. The shoe’s main feature is the TORSION SYSTEM midsole, which adds dynamic support and unequaled longevity.

Additionally, runners also enjoy an incredibly flexible upper and major heel support. Weighing a mere 9.5 ounces for a men’s size 9, the Energy Boost is a runner’s definitive workhorse for training and sporting competitions alike. Don’t take our word for it, however. Just check out the Runner’s World verdict, which ranked the Energy Boost #1 amongst its class of 800 other models.

MI CrazyQuick Custom Cleats
Traction. Protection. Control.  Velocity. Cleats are a common necessity in near all field sports. However, a mass produced cleat is hardly going to leave a unique imprint. While true for any team sport, footwork is often most eyeballed in soccer. Enter the MI CrazyQuick Custom Cleats.

Right down to the coloration and option to include name or team logo, Adidas’s customizable cleats let teams ensure they have the professionalism and wow factor of true competitors. Even more surprising is the price, which runs athletes the same as most serious Adidas footwear.

The Predator LZ TRX FG
Where cleats are accurate Predators are billed as “laser sight.” Hyperbole? Not really. A primary choice of FIFA competitors, Adidas’s premier soccer cleat boasts some of the most impressive craftsmanship in the entire industry.

No pain, no gain. What the Predator lacks in cushioning it more than makes up for in suppleness, allowing for maximum control of the ball. That mentioned, the cleats are far from fragile.  Boasting SPRINTFRAM patents, Predators are as long-lasting as they are light. Now that’s saying something. To put icing on the cake, these bad boys are also customizable for a mere fee. Go figure why Predators are choice footwear for all star teams.

Looking for a Steal?
While cutting-edge editions are fine and dandy, Adidas is currently hosting its anticipated season-end sale, with discounts reaching much as 45% off. That’s some serious dough right there. Highlights include:

The AdiPower Barricade Line: The great lie about tennis has to be “Its all in the wrist.” Footwork and speed matter. Adidas’s top tennis shoe helps ensure players keep atop the ball and feel comfortable doing so. The ADIWEAR 6 outsole is particularly exceptional, with beginners and masters alike enjoying unparalleled traction during lateral and rotating footwork

The Adizero Crazy Light 2.0 Line: Move over Nike. Adidas’s basketball shoes take the featherweight designs and spring technology from its award-winning running shoes and places them on the basketball court. Exceptional foot control, comfort, and air are the natural results.

Adidas and the Future
There’s certain times when major innovations set new standards and shift previously accepted paradigms. Adidas is doing that from dawn until dusk, and it shows. They set precedence. Whatever direction the brand takes, competitors and fans alike are assured something new and improved to maintain that competitive and stylish edge.

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Adidas Promo Codes 2013 For Up to 50% Off at 0

Adidas new shoes & gear collection has become the hot cakes for Adidas fans because of the variety of colors. All the shoes are classified in 14 different features like leather, rubber, canvas, totem leather, and print. Get Adidas promo codes 2013 and save now on the latest Adidas collection for men, women & kids at

All the products are up-to-date unique collection selected by the designer. This collection is marked as trend for young generation and the athletes. The sports collections of 2013 are limited version footwear. Anyone can visit at to see the new collections and get the latest updates of the new launches. The consumers who do not want to go towards the store personally, can see the price and buy the products through credit card. At the same time they are giving out the facility of home delivery.

adidas: BOOST — Cushioning Technology

The new collections from Adidas:

The Adidas has unleashed some great new footwear for sports, especially for football. Some of the collections are described here:

The predator lethal zones:

The predator lethal zones are the new launch of Adidas shoes. This new collection has mainly target the consumers who are active in football playing and other athletic zone. The players are going to get amazing comfort with this new shoe. The predator lethal is going to give you the pleasure of dominating the natural pitches of the field. For obtaining a great acceleration at the fields, the shoes are featuring new grippe TRAXION™ 2.0 studs. The shoes are available in white and red color. The slogan for this new and glamorous sports footwear is being Lethal and unleash in white.

AdiPure 11 Pro Gold & Black:

The Adipure 11 pro gives you the facility to represent real class in style. The shiny black color is going to give the royal feelings on your foot. The AdiPure 11 pro is purely designed to provide you the natural fit and comfortable feelings. No matter you wear this shoes on sports ground or somewhere else. You are just going to get amazed with the flexibility and style of the shoes. The boots include Taurus calf upper leather for which you are going to get a glove like fitting on your foot. At the same time, there are strategic flex zones in the shoes which help the user to have a good grip on the ground along with midfoot stability.


With florescent color and amazing sleek style, the Nitrocharge is the winner of all the show. There are four florescent models in the collection. They are: forest, metallic, silver and electricity. The boots are provided with new TRAXION™ 2.0 FG grips that are going to help you to get more acceleration and more form grip on the fields. The sprint frame design of the shoes make them light weight to give you more comfort on rapid foot movements. No matter you are on plane grounds or in a rough course, you will be superbly comfortable when you are wearing one of the Nitrocharge collections from Adidas.

Miadidas New Range for Camouflage Football Footwear:

Along with the amazing collections of predators, Nitrocharge and AdiPure there is also a new range of football footwear from Adidas and it is called Miadidas. This is a new range from Adidas designed as camouflage football footwear.

Messi’s new boots:

There is also a new launch of Messi’s new boots from Adidas, called as the adizero f50 Messi football boots. These boots are available in florescent turbo/blast/purple and white color moods. The boots are pretty much inspired by the Argentine football playing and thus it helps the players to set a light foot on the ground with the unique lightweight designs and perfect grip.

With the new style range of Adidas sports shoes, you are all set for any kind of sports events and athletics activities.


Adidas Summer Gear & 2013 Shoes collection are On Sale! 0

Adidas is offering discounts on their latest selection of shoes, apparel and gear for their customers, to make the Adidas products easily available to mass purchasers.

The Adidas promo codes from will help you to purchase Adidas Performance, Adidas Originals, Adidas Style, Adidas Running, Adidas Tennis and more at a discounted price. Shop now and get up to 50% off during Adidas End of the Year Sale!

Adidas sportswear and gear are quite popular and you can buy anything like running, training, basketball, soccer, football, baseball or casual trendy shoes at Adidas. Check out the Adidas most popular styles including Boost Running shoes, Crazyquick, Nitrocharge, D Rose collection, Predator and more. The recent Adidas offer enables customers to design their own customized footwear at If you are a “Messi” fan, then you can now get the same pairs owned by the Argentine superstar.

For a limited period Adidas is offering FREE shipping. Shop for your family and Adidas will ship it free at your door for a limited time. They are also offering discounts on select running shoes, gear and apparel. You can get best deals if you buy men’s Running Clima Tempest Shoes, Women’s Running Climawarm Blast Shoes, Adizero Feather 2.0 Shoes and many more.

Adidas has introduced Adidas Originals summer 2013 Collection. The men’s Originals Court Attitude shoes freshen up the chunky vintage basketball shoe with full grain leather upper and an extra-big tongue. It features a perforated upper and a basketball-style outsole. You will find varieties of apparel for both men and women. Adidas designers have used plaids, animal prints, camo and totem pole characters to offer both subtle looks and a few head-turners.

Adidas has also introduced Adidas NEO line which consists of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Save BIG with NEO labels such as Unisex NEO BBNEO Raleigh Shoes, Women’s NEO V Racer Shoes and more. Don’t forget to check out the new Adidas Primeknit collection.

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Get the best deals out there for Adidas Performance, Adidas Originals, Adidas Style, Adidas Running, Adidas Tennis and more at Name any sports product or trendy footwear, Adidas has it in store for you!!!! Whether running, training, basketball, soccer, football, baseball or casual. You can now design your own customized footwear at You can even get the same pairs owned by “Messi”. You can also get free shipping when you shop online.

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Promo Code: Click Now and Get 50% OFF Select Adidas Shoes Original and Apparel Styles include products like Mens Football Adizero 5-Star Mid Cleats, Womens Training Adifit Slim Pants, Mens Motorsport Porsche Design Driving Half Zip Top and more

Don’t forget to check out the Adidas Summer Collection 2013 at They have put together a wide variety of apparel for both men and women. The collection includes a lot of interesting pieces. They have used plaids, animal prints, camo, totem pole characters, and jerseys to offer both subtle looks and a few head-turners.

Adidas has also introduced Adidas NEO line which consists of clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can save on fresh products under NEO labels such as Unisex NEO BBNEO Raleigh Shoes, Women’s NEO V Racer Shoes and more. Adidas is also offering amazing savings on select Adidas running shoes, gear and apparel. Don’t forget to try the new Adidas Primeknit collection.

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