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how-to-lose-weightTo live a healthy life, and stay fit, shedding the extra weight is imperative along with a fair dose of exercise. A well balanced diet is essential for losing the extra pounds, for maintaining the ideal weight and repels many weight related diseases. The main problem most people face is to decide what is the perfect diet to lose weight, how to lose weight in a week, calculating the calorie count of every meal and sticking to the plan? It is time consuming and takes a lot of planning and mulling over your decisions, second-guessing yourself and loss of enthusiasm. Diet-to-Go takes care of all your problems. It has come up with different plans to suit your dietary needs, so that you need not worry and just live a happy, healthy life. Diet to Go is a boon in today’s busy world and provides pre-cooked tasty meals with all the nutrients you will need.

Diet to Go offers plans that are ready made for some people or you can choose to tweak them according to your preferences. They can be any among freshly prepared, flash frozen, or packed using MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Nuke before you eat and your job is done. Diet-to-Go offers three basic plans- traditional meals, low carb meals and low fat meals. The calorie content varies from 1,200 to 1,600. There are many available options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and before selecting, you can check out the nutrition and calorie of each meal on the Diet to Go web site. Diet to Go also makes food safe for you if you have any specific allergy or food sensitivity. This is possible because Diet to Go meals are prepared by award winning chefs and the plans are formulated by renowned dieticians. You can start with a Free Diet Analysis, which gives you an idea of the best plan for you. Select the plan; choose your meals from many delicious dishes that will satisfy not only your taste buds but your pockets as well. Order and decide where and how to receive your meals by Fed Ex or UPS, whether on a daily basis or weekly. Diet to Go offers only real, healthy and delicious food, that works for you to give better sleep, digestion and more energy.

The most popular plan is the Traditional Low Fat Diet because it consists of your favorite foods. All Diet-to-Go plans are portion controlled so that you get the amount of calories you need, and still feel satiated. The Traditional Diet was voted #1 on Epicurious for its taste. The Ovo-Lacto meals consist of a lot of dairy products and is rich in proteins. The Low Carb diet follows the Atkins guidelines and offers 30 types of carbs per day. Diet to Go meals have low sodium levels.

They are cost-effective and make it very easy to cancel or change your meal. You may choose a plan with two meals or three, each with specified calorie count for five days or seven. Diet to Go plans meet the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association guidelines. The meal varies from fish, poultry, vegetables, pulses, cereals, fruits, nuts and other healthy varieties. You can ask for guidance via phone, email or live chat. Diet to Go helps you achieve your health goal and sets you up with a healthy habit for life. If you are looking for best dieting plans for 2014 or discounts on meals from, please visit now!

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