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iPad Air Features:

As the name suggests the iPad Air is as light as Air. parcels out new iPad Mini soon. With an ever sleek frame and lightweight make; the iPad Air is just perfect for one-hand user experience. The A7 chip, worldly apps and enhanced Wi-Fi specifications makes it a first choice for tablet users. Thousands of apps connect well with in-built iOS 7 and let you do more than you can imagine. Perfectly designed aluminum body lets you do more even if you carry less, only 469 grams. Its Retina Display is worth mentioning again and again for 2048*1536 resolution and over 3.1 million pixels gives you the minutest of the details with the best of visuals. Watching photos and videos seem inexorable on the new iPad Air. The 64-bit core processor and new A7 chip is high on graphic performance and CPU speed. The device is not power-hungry and can go up to 10-hrs without fail. Hence iPad Air can be trusted for staying connected even if electric socket seems nowhere for a considerable period of time.

iPad Mini with Retina Display:

As Apple experts say “Every inch an iPad”, iPad mini with Retina Display is incredibly impressive. Coined as small wonder, iPad mini with Retina Display is known for thrilling photography and videography which is not only crisp but lifelike. Razor-sharp text par up with lively colors is like a treat to eyes. Powerful A6X chip is successor of A5X chip and stands for unbeatable high speeds throwing an incredibly fast apps usage experience. And guess what? You have over 375,000 apps with which you can do practically anything. Be it preparing a out-of-the-box presentation or getting hands on some entertaining stuff, iPad is a real-time friend. The ultra-fast wireless worldwide connectivity studded with advanced Wi-Fi features is like icing on the cake. The large 7.9-inch display gives a wider perspective of everything. Its 10-hrs battery life makes it the best device to be carried while on a journey. So, order iPad with Retina Display from to gain experience of a lifetime.

iPhone 5C Features & Deals:                                                                                                          

Delve into a vibrant color bash with the new iPhone 5C from Pick the color that best defines your personality. Fabricated with the most dynamic colors- white, blue, yellow, green and pink, the iPhone 5C is just perfect to match your style. Engineered with state-of-the-art specifications- A 6 Chip, refined 8MP iSight Camera and bigger 4-inch Retina Display makes it an incredible smartphone for Apple lovers. The colorful yet elegant interface with latest iOS 7 makes it an amazing phone at every level. The device feels great in your hands with glossy plastic body rather than sleek aluminum frame. Besides; its cheap prices make it more magical amongst Apple users. With Sprint deals for iPhones, you can get iPhone 5c Free Plus Save $100 when you switch to any iPhone at

iphone 5S Features & Deals:

With Sprint Coupon code for iPhones, you can get iPhone 5s Free plus save up to $100 with free shipping and free activation when you switch to Sprint. The 64–bit architecture coupled with fingerprint scanner and an improved camera makes it an all-conquering device. The beautiful aluminum housing contrived out of metal and glass toppled with Sapphire crystalloid Home Button and iSight Camera turns it into a smartphone that’s ahead of its time. Its sleek design and thin weight available in elegant shades such as gold, silver and space grey makes it unbelievably impressive. While smart fingerprint  reader ensures data safety A7 chip doubles your browsing speed and graphics performance.

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Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Review 0

Apple unfurled two new iPhones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to the Smartphone industry. The launch of these two masterpieces has witnessed a grand opening and the iPhones are going viral among all the markets. More or less the Apple users see this new arrival as an opportunity to get something outstanding in Apple products. And this is true to a great extent for Apple has really come up with something outstanding, something very refined in its attributes this time. Get Sprint deals for Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c plus save up to $100 with free shipping and free activation when you switch to Sprint.

Let’s quickly summarize the new genre and see what makes it stand apart from previous ones.

iPhone 5S: The ever-evolving thinking of Apple experts led them to discover a gem like iPhone 5S and no doubt this Smartphone is extravagant when you talk of its specifications. Speckled with 64-bit apps processor and monstrous A7 chip; the iPhone is the first phone ever to adorn world-class technology in the slimmest and thinnest frame. Touch ID- a fingerprint identification sensor will help you do away from remembering those difficult passwords. The fingerprint scanner will also provide you with much-needed extra security and your important information will always be in safe hands. The new progeny also adorns a more-subtle camera with bigger pixels camera that helps to capture even more impressive and bigger pictures. Available in trio- gold, silver and gray, the iPhone 5S is perfect to handle and can fit your pocket-size without any effort. Moreover, the real 2-days battery stand-by time makes its use more convenient and effortless. The audio quality the phone carries is just bang-on. So; all those who are looking for an ultimate iPhone, iPhone5S is the best option to pick.


iPhone 5C: For all those who want to add color to their life, Apple has pulled off a new iPhone 5C and it is really a masterwork of the Apple technicians. With all the dynamism of an iPhone 5 in it, this headset is simply “wow”. Simple, stylish yet stunning, iPhone 5C is a cost-effective solution for Apple lovers. Although this apple product is made out of cheap plastic, nobody can raise a question on its efficiency as an offshoot of Apple 5 series. The smooth plastic makes sure that you carry your phone the whole day without getting any cuts. Boasting of creamy curves and a warm plastic with a blend of steel, the iPhone 5C is the most gorgeous phone one can have. With bold colors like green, blue, yellow, pink and white, you can jazz up your personality and speak your real self. The combo of A6 chip and iOS 7 in one will deliver you much faster browsing and streaming of videos. Pouring out pluses like magnificent 4-inch retina display, 8MP iSight camera and ultrafast LTE wireless technology, the phone is sure to lend you an amazing experience.

A vibrant yet colorful user-interface buckled with dynamic quality will simply steal your heart way. So what are you waiting for?? Just carry the new colorful iPhone 5C and catch the spotlight where ever you go.

Yet both are falling under 5 series, the two phones are different in their approaches and this itself speaks of the Apple standards. While iPhone 5S is an epitome of what is technologically useful, iPhone 5C is for the colorful. But that doesn’t mean that the latter compromises on its performance. The phone is designed for those who also want to add a pinch of color besides having a better user experience. Whereas iPhone 5S is for those who want to keep it simple and want more of data-security and fastest speeds ever-known.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Deals for 2013 from 0

After weeks of leaks and anticipations, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is finally here. Get Sprint promo codes 2013 for the New iPhone 5s and 5c with Free Shipping and Free Activation plus save up to $100 when you switch to Sprint.

This is first time in history when Apple launched two new iPhones simultaneously. Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 7, comes on both new iPhones. It is easier to use with features like smarter multi-tasking, Air-Drop and Control Center. It is built specifically for the 64 bit architecture in iPhone 5s.

iphone-5s-dealsiPhone 5s is delivering the faster speeds, new-look exteriors and the biometric add-on that has been rumored for months. iPhone 5S is currently available in all three finishes — gold, grey and silver. Calling it the most “forward-looking” iPhone it has ever launched, Apple equipped the iPhone 5S to run 64-bit apps (all previous models ran at 32 bits) thanks to a new processor: the Apple A7. Apple has re-engineered all the built-in apps such as Mail, Calendar and Music — for 64-bit architectures. The touch ID sensor scans your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone 5s. You can also use it take make purchases from iTunes or the App Store. With world’s most popular camera, you can shoot in burst mode with larger pixels and f/2.2 aperture, record 1080p HD video and create slow motion effects. iPhone 5s case is made with aniline dyed leather, lined with microfiber and crafted to fit perfectly. Shop now to explore it more at

iPhone-5c-dealsiPhone 5c is finally here with new design and features that made iPhone 5 an amazing phone. iPhone 5c is the first iPhone to come in bold, brilliant colors. The powerful A6 chip provides fast performance and graphics. Yet it’s incredibly energy efficient, so you still get great battery life. Now you can also capture amazing photos in multiple formats, including square and panorama. You can also apply filters to your photos and record 1080p HD videos. Mix and match with Apple designed cases (in six colors) for your iPhone 5c with 30 different combinations.

iPhone supports more LTE bands than ever before. Now iPhone users can experience fast download speeds in even more places around the world.

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