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If you usually dream about the intelligence or brain, to put in non-living metals or machines, iRobot can make them true. Already been the king of future technology, iRobot holds its future in almost every aspect of life, if it’s household, defense services, and commercial applications or even on a football field, iRobot strives to build, what hasn’t been built across globe so far. iRobot has alluring offers and coupon deals to offer if you are keen to enjoy next generation services.


Keep your hands free of any dwelling or wear or tear with Roomba & Scooba floor cleaners equipped with I-adapt responsive navigation technology to reach at every corner under or around your furniture. Whether its cleaning, cooking or laundry, iRobot holds every magic ball in its bag to suit your needs.

The braava auto cleaner & sweeper will net you keep track of floor cleaning at home, with super microfiber cloth, it can clean sweep as well as mop your floors easily. With North Star navigation system, no corner is out of reach to braava.

iRobot also stocks Looj@ & mirra@, innovatedfrom the packbots used for military objectives, the Looj is a gutter cleaner for home, where as mirra is also a piece of advanced tech made for cleaning swimming pools.

iRobot Remote Presence:

Digging the foot deep in communication tech, The Ava 500 video collaboration robot, will keep the whole enterprise, face to face, no matter in which corner of the globe you are sitting, enabling you to share data, voice at a single wink. Also helping the doctors giving them the power to provide real-time live treatments and solutions with FDA-approved Rp-VITA™telemedicine robot connecting from far corners of the world.

You can also opt for custom ideas or designs, that would address or resolute yours plus millions of other’s daily needs. Just tell us about the conflict and the type of solution you want to be delivered. iRobot can give a shape to your imagination, while keeping the latest technology intact within it.

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Check out our exclusive iRobot deals and choose the best robot for home cleaning. iRobot has come up with products that make your life much easier. Meet the new generation of robots that do your chores and make sure that you have free time to spend with your family and friends. iRobot turns its vision to reality and makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Robots are a practical reality that helps you in your day-to-day lives, they help you out in offices and also help secure the defenses of your country. They have offices in many cities of the world including UK, California, and Hong Kong. iRobot is leading the way to a new era of robots that makes our life easier and more fulfilling. The latest technology and inventive designs are taking the world by storm and steering the world to a new age of functional robots.


iRobot offers robots for different purposes and fall into three main genres. They are the results of long, groundbreaking research that makes the robots efficient and competent on their own. The three main fields that iRobot mainly works with are:

iRobot Home Robots: In today’s hectic world where time is too limited we need help in our household chores. iRobot offers home robots that keep your home neat and clean, inside or outside. Millions of home robots have been sold so the demand is very high. Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot is a favorite and there is not a speck of dust anywhere on the floor after it is done. iRobot also offers other home robots likeBraava Floor Mopping Robot, Scooba Floor Scrubbing Robot, Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot and Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot.

iRobot Defense and Security: iRobot builds robots especially for our defense and security needs. They perform vital tasks for the military and public safety professionals. Military and the defense systems utilize thousands of iRobot inventions to assess situations, which helps save many lives. iRobot PackBot is one of the most used battle robots in the world and helps in searches, bomd-disposal missions and recon. Some others are iRobot Warrior and iRobot FirstLook.

iRobot Remote Presence: iRobot has offered the new Ava mobile robotics technology that enables the farthest reaches of the world to stay in touch with civilization whenever needed. Ava offers autonomous tele-presence and hence workers at remote sites can stay in contact with their peers and bosses at all times. The RP-VITA telemedicine robot is FDA approved and helps by connecting doctors to their patients from anywhere in the world.

iRobot is offering the STEM program to students that inspires them to choose the field of robotics for higher studies. The program includes lectures, demonstrations, online resources, podcasts, workshops, group tours, classroom visitations and more. iRobot remains devoted to the science of robotics and to making the world a better place. With new discoveries and partnerships, iRobot strives to make the lives of people easier and more satisfactory. iRobot collaborates with government agencies, academic institutions and business franchises to get ideas on what is needed and to distribute their robots far and wide. Visit for iRobot deals and discounts online. 

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Get iRobot deals and save on best robotic vacuum cleaners at Irobot offers you incredible vacuum cleaners including Roomba, Scooba, Braava, Mirra, Looj and more.
iRobot’s combat-proven defense and public safety robots perform multiple missions – on the land and in the water. More than 5,000 have been delivered to military and civil defense forces worldwide, performing thousands of dangerous search, reconnaissance and bomb-disposal missions while protecting those in harm’s way. With two decades of leadership in the robot industry, iRobot remains committed to building robots that improve the quality of life and safety standards worldwide. Their home lines of robots are amazingly useful. We’ve compiled a list of their products and their uses so you can decide which one you want to get first.

Roomba: iRobot Roomba is the oldest and one of the most successful robots in the iRobot product line, with millions sold worldwide. Clean your floors and carpets without lifting a finger! The Roomba transitions effortlessly from floor, tile, and linoleum, to all carpets. The premium Roomba offering brings the latest robotic and cleaning technologies together to autonomously vacuum your home. It intelligently gets rid of dust, allergens, and dirt, at the touch of a button.

Scooba: With an intuitive design and extended battery life, iRobot Scooba makes washing floors a dream come true. The Scooba is designed to clean large areas in the home, including sealed hardwoods, tile, and linoleum, without any pre-sweeping! Unlike a mop, the Scooba uses only clean solution from start to finish. This premium floor cleaning robot uses a four-stage cleaning system to prep, wash, scrub and squeegee your floors, no sweeping required.

Braava: The story of this robot is to meet the cleaning needs of different homes and preferences, so iRobot has made the Braava. This robot does a surface, or buff clean on your floors. Utilizing the new state of the art North Star cleaning system, the robot essentially uses GPS technology to make single file passes on the floor- getting this job done exactly how you would! Braava’s sole mission is to clean your floors tirelessly and with two modes to choose from it does just that. Simply attach a cleaning cloth, set Braava down and press either the Sweep or Mop button.

Mirra: Using iAdapt, nautic responsive technology, iRobot Mirra cleans your pool with one touch of the on button. It sizes up your pool, and then chooses the optimum method for deep cleaning every section. This pool-cleaning robot is easy to use and easy to clean, it scrubs pool surfaces and cleans and filters pool water for you. It has a self-contained vacuum system and pump- so it works completely without hoses!

Looj: Gutter cleaning is a dirty job, but indeed someone has to do it. This can take up an entire weekend. Instead the Looj blasts through debris, clogs and sludge and brushes your gutters clean. This is a must have for your home cleaning arsenal. It takes a dirty, dangerous job, and does it for you. No more climbing dangerous ladders on your Sunday. Just place the Looj into the gutter and let it get to work. At 500rpm it tears through clogs and leaves gutters clear.

The iRobot arsenal of robots are every homeowners dream. They do it all and they do it very well! For more info about  iRobot coupons, discounts and overstock items, please visit now. 

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Get the latest iRobot Roomba coupons 2013 and deals for iRobot Scooba plus Free Shipping on all robots this Cyber Week at

irobot-couponsiRobot, the online robots provider, is all set to deliver robots which will not only get your jobs done faster but will also ensure that you spend most of the time celebrating the festivities rather than performing the household chores. Find and save on iRobot’s assortment of home cleaning robots including iRobot Roomba, Scooba, Braava, Mirra and Looj during Holiday Sale 2013. Besides, the robot accessories from iRobot serve as an icing on the cake.

iRobot Home Robots:

Here is the summary about irobot roomba reviews and others robots from iRobot brings the best of cleaning robots at great prices. Turn your home into sparkling paradise this festive season and get great compliments from your friends and relatives. iRobot Roomba, the vaccum cleaning robot is the newest addition to the series and is the best way to keep your floors neat and spotless. If you are thinking of throw a holiday party and you do not have time to clean that dirt and pet hair from floor and along the wall edges, you can easily get it done with Roomba. iRobot Scooba is yet another cleaning robot which will simplify your cleaning jobs in a much better way. With this robot you can wash your floors neat as a button without putting the dirty water back on the floors. Scooba home robot will not only scrub the floors but will efficiently remove the 98% of common household bacteria. With a clean solution used from start to end, Scooba can handle cleaning of spills, dust and stuck-on messes in a compelling way while you can keep your celebrations going.

While you can make your home floors look elegant with Braava cleaning robot this holiday season, Mirra is designed to keep your pools in apple-pie order. Find iRobot Braava 380t and iRobot Braava 320 at and dry and damp mops all kind of floors for you keeping utmost hygiene around the entire house. Organize a pool-side party without any second thought in your mind with iRobot Mirra 530 which makes use of robotic technology to deep clean the pool water and surfaces. This pool cleaning robot removes stuff like leaves, hair and dirt, algae, pollen and harmful bacteria. iRobot Looj 330 is yet another robot especially contrived to blast away dirt and brush your house gutters to make them unsullied and dirt-less.

Parts & Accessories:

Besides parceling out the home cleaning robots, iRobot also provides parts and accessories which are compatible with these robots and let you do cleaning jobs in more efficient way. Find Roomba 800 series comprising of Compact Virtual Wall, Remove Control, Wireless Command Center, Virtual Halo and Virtual Wall Lighthouse and that too at great prices. Get Free Shipping on Scooba 300 series from iRobot including Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enzyme Formula, Scooba Cleaning Head, Scooba 390 Cleaning Brush, Scooba Replacement Tank, Scooba Suction Bulb and more.

The Floor Mopping parts including Braava and Mint accessories keeps your entire floor thoroughly clean and tidy and let you spend your holiday season in peace. Mint+ 5200 Reservoir Cleaning Pad, 2000 mAh NiMH Mint+ 5200 Battery, 3-Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Mixed, NorthStar Navigation Cube Channel 2 and more are some of the cleaning accessories you can purchase at Even the pool cleaning and gutter cleaning parts & accessories can be availed at slashed prices this festive season. With party-time around the corner, you can make your home look spic and span within few hours with sweeping accessories such as Virtual Wall, Brush Replacement Kit, Standard Wall Mount, Sidebrush and more. For more info about iRobot promotional codes and deals, please visit our website now.

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Check out our Labor Day Weekend sales extravaganza. If you haven’t been shopping around this holiday before, well then you are in for a treat. Expect to see a plethora of great deals, special discounts and killer savings on many store’s summer products and end of season merchandise. And just because these items are “end of season,” it sure as heck does not mean they are out of style. Stock up on these fabulous sale items for the remainder of the warm days of summer, or even get a head start on next summer’s necessities! ! All over the country, stores are slashing prices and giving customers all kinds of incentives to shop this Labor Day weekend.
If you’re on the lookout for apparel, it might be a good weekend to snag some great finds of late-season clothes and accessories. What’s great about this is that most of these styles can easily transition into a fall wardrobe. Macy’s, one of the America’s most popular department stores, is no stranger to the Labor Day Weekend sale, and is making a strong entrance to the party! Take full advantage of 15% off items this Labor Day Weekend!


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The kids are heading back to school, and whether they are close or far, a cell phone plan is probably required. AT&T U-Verse wants to offer up to $350 in promotion cards this weekend on qualifying services. Not an AT&T customer? That’s okay because Verizon has a great holiday sale open to you too! Why not get the best deal on all your wireless needs while you can.

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We all know that the end of the summer comes with that dreaded, but needed, house cleaning. This labor day weekend you’re in luck as iRobot, the revolutionary vacuum cleaner, is offering 10% off this weekend for referring a friend. So clean with ease this Labor Day Weekend, and let iRobot do all the work…for a fraction of the price! Coupon Code 2011

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Don’t let all this talk of summer being over bum you out. With all the ticketing websites out there, choose from a HUGE variety of events to keep you busy and entertained all year round, no matter what the season! Get tickets early though…you guessed it, this Labor Day Weekend, as Ticket Liquidator is promoting their Labor Day Sale with $15 savings on orders over $200!

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We know how important it is…and how awesome it is…to save money, especially in today’s economy. This is why we want you to take advantage of the super savings out there this Labor Day Weekend. We know you’ve worked hard, so take this holiday to snatch these deals and do a little something for yourself, you deserve it!