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Did you know that the shoes you are wearing could be the cause of the chronic pain experience by millions of people in their feet, knees, hips and lower back? According to WebMD and foot pain experts wearing flip flops and ultra fashionable shoes day in and day out can lead to painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Proper arch support and cushioning is essential for healthy feet. With proper arch support pressure is not unduly distributed on the foot and you are able to walk with greater stability. Proper cushioning is also very important to consider when buying a proper shoe, if the shoe does not have enough cushioning the impact of walking on hard surfaces is directly transferred to the foot. When there is sufficient cushioning in the sole of the shoe, the impact from walking is greatly absorbed by the cushioning. This reduces the wear and tear we incur by walking, which can cause such conditions as chronic inflammation, joint fracturing, and painful muscle tears. With our FootSmart coupon codes 2013, you can save up to 50% on comfort shoes and lower body health products from Propet, hush puppies, Clarks, Easy Spirit, Trotters,  Aerosoles and more from

Sore_Tired_Feet Don’t worry, shoes can be fashionable and comfortable and the experts at Footsmart can show you with their thousands of fashionable foot care items that ship nation wide. Now is the perfect time to get comfortable shoes for the new season, take advantage of Footsmart’s End of Season Sale and Free Shipping on all orders over $59. Shop the best brands in foot care like Clarks and Birkenstock. Clark’s Pr!vo have been their most successful line in foot care. Each style features a light weight and flexible sole. They are noticeably cushioned with an arch melting support. The bed of the shoe is lined with contoured suede that has massaging textures, so your tired feet muscled feel refreshed with every step! Birkenstock styles feature a lightweight but ultra shock absorbing cork sole and foot bed. This means the shoes will actually contour to the shape of your individual foot, providing feet with ideal support.

Footsmart also sells the smartest brands occupational shoes. From name brands like Clarks to Timberland, even crocks feature lightweight, ultra grip soles that allow you to keep moving at work without having to worry. Traditional sneakers might be comfortable for a run or a quick jaunt at the park but their comfort does not always translate into your workday. Footsmart knows it is important to have the right shoe for the job, the shoes featured in their occupational section have the most to offer you during long shifts, keeping you ready for anything. Customize your comfort with items from their foot care section, shop by ailment and Footsmart shows you the best relief products like insoles, stretching aids, pressure socks, footbaths, and more. Shop thousands of items and shoe types today to see why Footsmart is the top online source for comfort foot care items.


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