iRobot Machines with Brains – Household Cleaning Robots

If you usually dream about the intelligence or brain, to put in non-living metals or machines, iRobot can make them true. Already been the king of future technology, iRobot holds its future in almost every aspect of life, if it’s household, defense services, and commercial applications or even on a football field, iRobot strives to build, what hasn’t been built across globe so far. iRobot has alluring offers and coupon deals to offer if you are keen to enjoy next generation services.


Keep your hands free of any dwelling or wear or tear with Roomba & Scooba floor cleaners equipped with I-adapt responsive navigation technology to reach at every corner under or around your furniture. Whether its cleaning, cooking or laundry, iRobot holds every magic ball in its bag to suit your needs.

The braava auto cleaner & sweeper will net you keep track of floor cleaning at home, with super microfiber cloth, it can clean sweep as well as mop your floors easily. With North Star navigation system, no corner is out of reach to braava.

iRobot also stocks Looj@ & mirra@, innovatedfrom the packbots used for military objectives, the Looj is a gutter cleaner for home, where as mirra is also a piece of advanced tech made for cleaning swimming pools.

iRobot Remote Presence:

Digging the foot deep in communication tech, The Ava 500 video collaboration robot, will keep the whole enterprise, face to face, no matter in which corner of the globe you are sitting, enabling you to share data, voice at a single wink. Also helping the doctors giving them the power to provide real-time live treatments and solutions with FDA-approved Rp-VITA™telemedicine robot connecting from far corners of the world.

You can also opt for custom ideas or designs, that would address or resolute yours plus millions of other’s daily needs. Just tell us about the conflict and the type of solution you want to be delivered. iRobot can give a shape to your imagination, while keeping the latest technology intact within it.