IRS e-file Tax Refund Schedule 2014 For Online Tax Filing

As you know, IRS is accepting tax refunds for 2013 taxes now so it is the time to get started. E-File taxes for free now with TurboTax Federal Free Online Edition an get you maximum refund guaranteed. Earlier IRS revealed a surprising decision regarding taxes in 2014. The IRS has decided not to accept any tax information before January 31, 2014.
If you are anxious to file your taxes now, take a look at the refund chart for efile dates. You can file your taxes without any problems, but with this new twist this tax season, you may or may not receive your refunds quickly as you cannot file your taxes before the January 31, 2014.

Submit Tax Form Early: If you want to submit your taxes early, make sure all your tax documents are in order. The documents you need are your income paperwork, expenses, home ownership documents and investments you have made for the tax year or 2013. Documents that you need to submit to the IRS are-

  • W2 form
  • 1099 form
  • Bank Statements
  • Receipts
  • Brokerage Statements
  • 2439 form

If you do not have these documents ready, there is no point in filing your taxes right now. If you do, there are more chances of complications and the added hassle of having your taxes amended the following year.

Avoid Getting Tax Modifications: If you like efiling your taxes, avoid putting any rush before you have all your documents ready and in order. Amended tax returns require completion of form 1040X. This form is used when you have filed your taxes using forms 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. 1040X cannot be submitted electronically, it is a paper form, and has to be submitted in the same state. Plus, if you have more tax forms that has to amended, they all have to be submitted separately, in different envelopes.

All this takes a lot of time and could have been avoided if you have waited for your documents to be ready before you submitted your tax forms.

TurboTax: TurboTax is available for e-filing your taxes. TurboTax is a pro and makes sure that all your documents are in order and are submitted according to the guidelines of the IRS refund chart. They will ask you some easy questions and use the right software at their disposal to make sure your taxes are not amended next year. e-File your taxes now and rest easy that your taxes are completed and looked over by experts. TurboTax offers five different softwares for different needs and purposes and makes sure that you use the one that is suitable for you. There is Free Edition software which you can use if your returns are simple and as long as they are federal taxes. Get TurboTax coupon code for online tax filing and save when you file your taxes online via TurboTax.

hr-block-freeH&R Block: H&R Block is another pioneer for e-filing taxes and does so professionally and expertly. You can use their software online, download it or go to one of their offices to talk to an expert face-to-face. HR Block provides personal and business products, and you can choose the one that is applicable to you, with their help. Experts are ready to help you any way they can, via email but the preferable mode is the telephone. H&R Block helps you file your taxes competently and efficiently so that you have no problems with your returns or have your tax amended next year. Answer their questions and they will tell you and advise you on what to do and when. It also offers banking solutions to its customers. It has four wonderful products, each streamlined specifically for people in different occupations. Get H&R Block coupons for Free tax filing online with free tax tips and step by step guidance.

File promptly from January 31, 2014: File your taxes on that date after taking considerable time to organize your documents for convenient submission. This month is a busy for the IRS but with more time you can put is some effort and wait patiently to have your documents ready. This will save your time next year as well as the IRS as they will not have to process tax amendments for you.

TurboTax and H&R Block will be available for all of you who want to file your taxes with professional help. Using their software you can efile your taxes from the comfort of your home or office whenever you are free. With the help of TurboTax and H&R Block, you will get the biggest refund than ever before.