Nike Fuel Band Review 2013: Nike Announces New and More Colorful Nike+ FuelBand SE

Here is our Nike Fuel Band Review for Nike+ FuelBand SE. Nike unfurled the New Nike + FuelBand SE in New York City recently. The new Nike FuelBand Se looks more vibrant with different shades of volt (yellowish green), pink and crimson red with background of black accenting its body. Though the device looks almost the same as the previous Band, the new model is one step ahead in its constitution. The gimmick comes with an updated design and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. Therefore you can now sync it with their headsets and can keep a healthier record of their activity sessions and see their real-time performance.

nike-fuelband-reviewThough the new Nike Fuel Band is still based on Nike Fuel activity point system, it comes with a more refined touch this time. Years of research and improvement has led to recording each activity very accurately leaving no point for cheating. Hence the points that shall not be counted will not be considered as Fuel Points. A significant advancement is its more addictive Nike Fuel Ecosystem that adds more value to your fitness. For instance if you have been stagnant on a place for a long time, it will send you hourly reminders prompting you to move around for some time. The device recommends you to move at least 5 minutes an hour for an average of 7 hours a day. Even you can double tap the band to see the current time, a feature which was missing in the earlier gizmo. The app comes with a curve graph which makes sure that you do some activity every hour of the day. Since it is more addictive and intense in its features, the points earned can also be named under different session heads which you can share with your friends and family.

This new Nike FuelBand is great news for iPhone users as it is on same wavelength with iPhone 5s new M7 chip and therefore boosts your mobile battery by a fraction. Although the gadget has the same wristband look, the fuel metric this time is unbeatable. Not only you can compete between your friends, family and colleagues but can also compare your performance with famous athletes. This will push you to move more and earn more fuel points. The app adorns a graph where you can analyze your activity for the past 24 hours and set your next day goal with a bigger target. Besides rewards, badges and other surprise will make the activity much more enjoyable and sporty. Also the Bluetooth 4.0 enables seamless syncing with your headset and enabling you connect well with your friends and social groups.

nike-fuelband-seThe new device is unbeatable water-resistant and also supports Nike+ logo. Press the device’s button for 3 seconds and your device is in sleep-tracking mode all set to measure your sleep. Hit it again and it is ready to measure your activities. This approach makes tracking several activities like yoga, bicycling, palates and tennis etc. easy and effective.

What’s still the same in this new Nike + Fuelband SE is its circular shape which is quite similar to the previous gadget. The LED screen and user interface is almost same to its predecessor. But one thing that is still not digested by its fans is its only compatibility with iOS. Android users cannot use it still. The fitness tracker still doesn’t cotton to Windows 8 and is Nike+ website simpatico. Essentially, the new fitness device speaks of improved mechanism with a gush of colors making it more adventurous. Nevertheless you cannot overlook the new software that offers you an average intensity instead of cumulative score. For more info about where to buy Nike Fuel Band at cheaper prices, please visit our website now!


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