Nike Fuel Band Review: Track Daily Activities and Monitor Fitness with Nike Fuelband SE

nike-fuelband-promo-codeNike Fuelband SE says it all, it is this generation’s activator and motivator, all rolled into one. One of Nike’s best innovations, it is not just any activity tracker; it is what will get you from being a couch potato to a real athlete. Every other month, Nike comes up with new products in clothing, shoes and gear, Nike Fuelband has different editions and upgrades too. With loyal consumers all over the world, Nike pushes itself to produce and offer new goods for better performance and life. This, one-of-a-kind gadget provides daily reminder of things-to-do, and what you think you should do, and you follow through because nagging works! Here is our complete Nike Fuel Band Review of 2014 exclusively brought to you by

Nike Fuelband is a mass of inspirations, to get up and do. It is programmed to track all your activities, from morning till night, along with your sleep patterns. Your reminders are right in front of your eyes and motivate you continuously. Nike Fuelband is available in three distinct playful colors of Total Crimson, Volt, Pink Foil and the ever-trendy Black. There is a new Silver edition available that blends the same purpose with chic class. Nike Fuelband SE is offered in three sizes of extra large, medium (large) and small. You can still remove the links that comes with it according to your fit. The band has only one button that lets you access to all its functions and tasks. For a display, Nike Fuelband has a unique and very attractive 100-dot LED screen. Nike Fuelband comes with a matt finish that helps you see even when you are out in sunlight.

Nike Fuel Band comes with Nike’s ground-breaking Nike+ app. The app helps you keep in touch with your friends or people enjoying the same activity as you. It helps you categorize your connections into groups of your choice and share your achievements. You can set up hourly reminders to get up and take a few minutes to stretch and work out the kinks in your body due to long periods of sitting. Get your blood flowing faster and keep track of your Nikefuel. The second edition of Nike Fuelband is faster than the first edition and comes with an extended battery life. The readouts slide over one another smoothly and accurately. You measure your activity with Nikefuel, a unique concept to track your movements. Get Nike promo code and save on Nike Fuelband SE plus Free Shipping when you shop online. Keep track of what your friends are doing and enjoy a healthy competition to achieve more. The second edition also comes up with the advantage of syncing with your iPhone, which lets you stay in control even when you are not wearing your Fuelband.

Nike Fuelband is easy to use and comes hassle-free. The charging is done by inserting one part of the band to your computer’s USB port, this part also fits with the other to click it shut when you are wearing it. The second edition of Nike Fuelband has been fitted with two new upgrades, the Hours and the Sessions features. The Hours function reminds you to do one thing or the other every hour, and the Sessions feature takes into account all the sessions of activity you take part in and reports them in the form of Fuel per minute. You can compare your Nikefuel scores with your friends or other people who use Nikefuel. Enjoy your daily runs or workouts with a bit more spice and push each other with the help of Nike Fuelband.

Nike Fuelband amalgamates function with style. Put it on your wrist and you will be transported into a world of activity, where there are no slackers and people are full of life. Take your life in your hands and live it the way you have always wanted to, be alive with Nike Fuelband. The battery life of Nike Fuelband is above par and comes with unparalleled apps and utilities. With Fuelband, Nike proved that it pays attention to what its customers want and then delivers it with charming precision. Get active with Nike Fuelband and see the difference. For more info about Nike coupons and deals, please visit now!


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