Nike Fuelband Review: Explore New Features in Nike Fuelband Se from

nike-fuelband-reviewNike has been a leader in almost all the fields that it launches its product in and Nike Fuelband is no different. Sleek, smart and stylish- Nike nails it. The newest launch, Nike+ Fuelband SE stands out and really helps its users get moving. The device tracks your active life with the revolutionary Nikefuel, no matter what you do. The ‘SE’ in Fuelband SE, stands for second edition and represents Nike’s smartest activity tracker till date. If you are looking for a true nudge to stay active and have a report of your progress, Fueband SE is unmatched. It gives you a push when you have sitting too long, or when you need to go out for a run, even when you should sleep and for how long. You can view the time with just two short taps on the wristband’s button and highlights the fact that Nike has taken the time and made an effort to streamline its product. Here is our Nike Fuel Band Review of 2014 for Nike Fuelband Se:

The Fuelband SE is available in four different colors- Volt, Pink Foil, Total crimson and Black. The band has a single button and a 100-dot LED display. The small size fits perfectly on your wrist, is light and handy. It comes with link pieces that you can add or remove to fit your wrist. Nike+ is the device’s companion app and has the ability to group your friends into separate categories. There are hourly reminders to get active during the day and a couple of new features. The Fuelband SE is faster than its predecessor was and the display slides through its readouts and options swiftly and accurately. The display also adjusts its brightness depending on the external light intensity. The band has a matte finish and hence there is no reflectivity to hamper reading in full daylight. There is just one button for navigation and it is easy to set reminders or check your Nike Fuel score. Nike Fuel is an amazing feature that measures your activity in its own right though you can add apps to count calories or measure the distance you ran through the web or iOS.

The device comes in three size- small, medium or large and x-large, the bigger two have larger built-in batteries that ensures greater longevity. Unlike other wristband trackers, the Fuelband SE can be charged by plugging it directly into your computer’s USB port without the need for anything else. There are two new features called the “Hours” feature and the “Sessions” feature. After turning on the Hours feature, the app will nag you to get up and do something to boost you Fuel total after every hour. The second feature, Sessions, can be activated by pressing on the button. This app takes into account specific activity and gives you a Fuel/minute report on how hard you are working. It allows you to compare your logs to your friends’ and is ideal for people with a competitive streak. The Fuelband SE’s software can separate your friends into different groups and lets you compare yourself to them and their activities. The software can also go through your Facebook profile to find out competitors.

The Fuelband SE shows readout of your daily activity and where you range among your fellow Fuelband users with its Fuel count. There is a menu that can access your Fuelband history over months and years. The all calculates your average and helps you browse through your goals. The Fuelband can be synced with your iPhone and help you get your reminders and kicks even when you are not able to wear your Fuelband.

The biggest improvement, however, is the battery life of Fuelband SE, even though it will vary depending on how many times you are using to check your record of accomplishment. The bottom line is that even though there are many options out there to keep track of your fitness, none comes close to Nike Fuel band. It pays attention to what the users are looking for and with every new update, comes up with various apps to make it a novel experience. Visit our website for Nike Fuelband coupons and save when you shop online.