Nike FuelBand: See How Active You Are and Get Motivated to Move More

Nike FuelBand has already received amazing positive reviews. The FuelBand is receiving popularity due to its user-friendly experience, instant tracking of workouts and calories burned. Nike Fuel Band is an amazing product by Nike. It’s a fitness gadget which helps users to track progress of their calories and workouts. Nike Fuelband is a wrist band which will help sports lover to track their progress along the way. Get Nike promo codes and get free shipping on Nike Fuelband now.

Nike FuelBand is very light and slender. It will easily clip around your wrist. The tracking screen is built onto the band, so while you will be wearing the Nike Fuelband it will be compact and hardly detectable.

The integrated accelerometer can monitor your whole day’s actions. It can be easily synced with your Smartphone and will let you know about your activity levels, steps taken and calories expended.

This Nike Fuelband can be easily integrated with iPhone as well. You will be able to transfer information from Fuelband to the Nike+ website easily.

So, what can you track with Nike Fuelband? You can track your daily exercise amounts and calories. You can track daily activities like running, walking, basketball, dancing and what not!!! Shop now and get Free Shipping on Nike Fuelband at

The Nike Fuelband uses a sports-tested accelerometer which tracks each step taken and calorie burned. So, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you burn calories the Fuelband will record the information about your fitness routine.

This Fuelband can be your great friend during those rough fitness training. Try the Fuelband daily goals if you not fitness-enthusiast. The wristband’s LED display will light up from red to green showing your progress throughout the day. So, it will be a motivation for you to keep pursuing your goals.


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