Sprint Offers Free Smartphones Plus Free Shipping and Activations at Sprint.com

Sprint offers Free smartphones and iPhones at Sprint.com. You can also save $100 plus get Free Shipping and Activations when you switch to Sprint. Get iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus for $0 Up Front & Just $70 Per Month With iPhone For Life Plan at Sprint.com. Here are some examples of Free smartphones available at Sprint.com.

sprint-free-smartphonesSamsung Galaxy S4 and S3 – FREE:

Make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. As a real life companion, the new Samsung GALAXY S4 helps bring us closer and captures those fun moments. Samsung Galaxy S3 is designed for humans, inspired by nature and features 3G, 4.8 Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 8 MP camera and more.

Apple iPhone 5c:

iPhone 5c is very colorful, stylish, fast- the perfect combination.  iPhone 5c has all the qualities of iPhone 5 plus iOS 7,Vibrant colors, an A6 chip which ensures amazing graphics, long battery life, an 8 MP camera with startling clarity and an iCloud storage that automatically stores everything on your phone.

Apple iPhone 5s:

iPhone 5s is available in three colors that symbolize life and a certain maturity. It is stylish without being flamboyant. The screen is fitted with the Touch ID sensor, which is a nice new touch. It scans your fingerprint to unlock your phone and hence ensures privacy and security. It comes with an A7 chip and a 64-bit structural design that makes your phone twice as faster than other phones. Its battery life defies expectations and the phone comes with an 8 MP I Sight camera, iOS 7, LTE wireless network and iCloud.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini:

This is an era of big phones, so much so that the people who just want their phones to fit in their pockets are often disappointed. So Samsung made an effort to make this different set of clientele happy. Small, sleek and compact, Galaxy S4 Mini is suitable for everyone be it a homemaker or a businessperson. The phone boasts of an Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS that supports 3G or wi-fi, a 4.3” AMOLED screen, 8-16 GB memory, 8 MP back and 1.9 MP front cameras, and is made up of environmentally friendly materials. It can be carried anywhere irrespective of what you are wearing. It fits in your back pocket or a dressy clutch. The pictures have amazing quality and the screen is perfect for playing video games. Overall, it is a winner.

Google Nexus 5:

Get tech-savvy with the latest offering from the Google cache, Google Nexus 5. The first phone with Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system, the phone shows off a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor that ensures rocket speed and efficiency. A 5” display, auto back up, 4G support, wi-fi, 8 MP camera combines to provide a marvelous experience. Use Google Play to download your favorite apps and games. Slim and stylish, the Google Nexus 5 is clean, unfussy and instinctive. For more info about free smartphones on sale at Sprint, please visit MyVoucherDeals.com now!

Sprint is one of the leading wireless service providers in the United States for a reason, i.e its main goal is to make the lives of its customers easier by giving them the freedom to stay connected to their family, friends or colleagues all the time, anywhere. Sprint is the provider of fastest data speeds and the strongest signals even indoors. It is Sprint’s mission to expand their LTE coverage without delay or fail as their primary focus is the people. For those who love their environment and want to leave a better world for their children, Sprint is the ideal wireless network as they are finding innovative ways to get energy through green power. Get started with it and you will fall in love with it.