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Pain in your feet, legs or back? Not anymore. Slip on a pair of Gravity Defyer’s, the exclusive VersoShock Trampoline footwear. This powerful technology absorbs shock, snatching all the pain away from each step you take. The elastic material pushes you forward, creating less fatigue on your muscles, reducing effort and energy.

These shoes have been designed and crafted to reduce or eliminate harmful stress on the human body. Science has showed that reducing stress on your joints throughout your lifetime can lead to greater longevity. It pretty much sounds like these shoes are necessary in everyone’s closet!

Take a test drive and try a pair today with a free 30 day trial on shock absorption shoes. Also receive 15% off on your purchase using the coupon code below!

Gravity Gefyer Shoes Coupon Code 2011

Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Coupons. Shoes, Arches, Diabetic socks, support shoes, improve comfort and reduce pain. Free 30 day trial on shock absorption shoes.
Coupon Code: CJ15 15% off
Expires: 9/30/2011

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