Travelocity Last Minute Vacation Deals 2013 for Cheap Airfare, Hotels, Cruises & More From

Last year as many as 80% of vacationers book their holiday or travel plans online and why wouldn’t you? With so many traveling websites, you can book everything from flights to the activities you’ll do when you get there completely online. For the most part, booking online means you’ll have made the most informed choice for the best price.  You can bid on how much you’ll pay, get up to the minute pricing for flexible travel dates, and even have your vacation options suggested to you based on a few of your preferences. Out of all the travel assisting websites available on the internet, one still stands out among competitors with its’ hats off reputation, gnome pun intended. Travelocity, with its infamous traveling gnome, is among the first of its kind and its preference among travelers kept it strong through rounds of busts and recessions. Let’s go over some of the main reasons why Travelocity is a top choice for your online travel plans.

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Travelocity has an abundance of interactive features to deliver the maximum online travel booking experience. For the eco friendly, you can search for ecologically sustainable hotels and hybrid vehicle rentals with their program Travel for Good. The feature Experience Finder allows users can also build a vacation around a theme, and for travelers who are even more adventurous use their Top Secret Hotels feature to book a mystery hotel for a significantly marked down price. Not sure where to go? Choose your destination based on suggested deals like 40% of Peru and Mexico under $600 or top deals departing from your local airport. After you’ve had fun using all these features to find the best deals on the hottest travel destinations, the Travelocity Gnome goes above and beyond offering a Free customizable destination guide based on your interests and the destination you’ve booked.

Bottom line for online travelers who want to make their getaway count, Travelocity makes it easy to customize and bundle options for flights, hotels, car rental, activities, and more.