Where to Get the Best 2017 Memorial Day Deals & Sales


With the ever-closing date of Memorial Day on May 29, the unofficial commencement of summer is here. With the enthusiasm of people and their plans of shopping reaches its peak, all the retailers, both online and physical ones, are gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend! Exciting deals and unforgettable discounts are being rolled out to attract new customers and increase sales. In such a zestful ambiance, finding the best deals on all the goods and services is the primary aim of every customer. Do not miss out on this great opportunity and be informed about the right places to start out.

Here are some tips that can assist you in making the shopping experience of your family and friends easy and memorable!

Sales Start Super Early

Take this advice seriously and begin your search for sales and deals as early as possible. You can get the best deals as well as the best products by shopping early and saving yourself from the crowd. A lot of websites have already started to feature the pop-ups for Memorial Day that you shouldn’t miss. This way you will also get to know the exact date when the first proper Memorial Day sale will start. It is important to keep in mind that with the weekend coming close, you can expect more sales to come. If you look at the sales pattern of last year, almost 24% of the sales were on the day before as well as on the Memorial Day and the day after it.

There is a huge possibility that if you reach the store early enough during the Memorial Day weekend, you will land yourself bigger discounts. Also apart from the best deals available by coming to the store early, you can save your precious time by beating the traffic, the parking hurdles and the endless lines at the checkout. All this will make your shopping voyage extremely stress free and delightful.

Check The Sale Sites

With the continuous usage of the Internet, it is highly advisable to start looking for sale and deals online. If you type in the search engines, thousands of excellent sites will come up to assist you to steer in the direction of the sales. Planning for shopping a couple of days before the sale and holiday can be immensely fruitful for your shopping goals. All these websites can help you immensely by pointing out the displayed sales that are going on throughout the week by linking the ecommerce and brand websites.

Find Out Who Is Struggling

With the growing prominence of online ecommerce giants nowadays, there is a huge amount of competition that online retailers are struggling to confront. This means that you can get the best and biggest savings as compared to going to a physical store where you will not find such deals. Go through all the stores in your city that are closing to find the best deals near you. During the weekend, in honor of Memorial Day, there are going to be various big discounts and sales throughout such stores.

Read The Paper

It may sound outdated but even now the newspaper can have a lot of exciting listings for you. Also despite any technological advancement, a lot of people cannot resist the contentment of going through the pile of physical coupons and printed sales pamphlets. The fun that one experiences while making preparations for the shopping and getting ready for the family for the sales can be hardly found in any other activity. So remember to get hold of the newspaper a couple of days prior to the weekends and mark out the listings. Then you can prepare a list, cut out the selected coupons and head out for the shopping with your loved ones.

Ask For A Discount

Well, one never knows if they can get an extra discount unless they ask for it. So make sure that while shopping you ask for a discount, who knows you may get a great offer in honor of Memorial Day! There are a lot of retailers who provide additional deals and discounts for Veterans as well as their families. Upon reaching the counter, do not hesitate to ask the cashier for any other sort of discounts or deals that you can get on your purchases. There are certain instances where several sales associates possess the authorization to provide a 10 or 15 percent discount simply for asking. And even if there isn’t any, what is the worst that can happen? They will simply say no. But what if they say yes? Be willing before billing out your purchases to inquire about a discount.

So make sure to keep the above points in mind before heading out for your shopping venture!