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15 Facts About the FIFA World Cup 2014 0

With the FIFA World Cup 2014 in full swing, fans are soaking up World Cup FAQs live never before. Visit for exclusive deals related to FIFA World Cup jerseys, soccer cleats, gear, and more.  Below we have compiled some fun facts about this iconic tournament for your benefit.


  • The World Cup trophy is made of solid gold – The World Cup Trophy is made of 18 karat gold. It was first awarded to the winning team in 1974 and is worth more than $150,000. The winner holds the trophy for 4 years when the next World Cup competition starts. The trophy is replaced by a gold plated replica with the same design and given to the winning teams.

  • Handballs affected the outcome of 2 World Cups – Handballs have the ability to change the course of a game, which has happened twice in World Cup history. The first one was way back in 1986 when Diego Maradona of Argentina tipped the scales in their favor by scoring the winning goal. The second handball effect took place at the 2010 World Cup match between Ghana and Uruguay, where Luis Suarez of Uruguay blocked a goal with his hands. He earned a red card but that antic cost Ghana the game.
  • FIFA World Cup began in 1930 – Held in Uruguay, the first FIFA World Cup boasted of only 13 national teams. Uruguay won the championship by beating Argentina 4-2.
  • Fastest Red Card showing took only 56 seconds – There may be hundreds of red cards in the history of World Cup but earning one in just 56 seconds has set a record in 1986. Uruguay’s Jose Baptista earned a red card only after 56 seconds on the field against Scotland.
  • Only 8 National teams have ever won the World Cup – The FIFA World Cup has been given to 19 winners throughout the World Cup history. Despite the fact that more than 200 countries compete for a spot in the tournament, only 8 countries, so far, have managed to win. Brazil leads with 5 titles, Italy is second with 4 and Germany third with 3 winnings.
  • The original World Cup Trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy, was stolen – The Jules Rimet Trophy was given to the winners before the gold World Cup Trophy was created. The trophy had a stipulation attached saying that the first team who won the World Cup three times can keep the trophy permanently. Brazil qualified in 1970, but the trophy was stolen in 1983 and was never retrieved.
  • Mexico has finished in the top 16 most times without a single World Cup win – Mexico ranks fifth in highest appearances of any national team in the World Cup but has never won the championship. They have reached quarterfinals 12 times but the semi-finals only twice.
  • Vanishing Spray introduced at the 2014 World Cup – To mark where free kicks should be taken or where player walls should be formed has been made easy at this year’s World Cup with the “vanishing spray.” It resides in an aerosol can in the form of white foam which marks necessary spots. The foam evaporates just after one minute.
  • Penalty shootouts in 22 World Cup matches – Penalty kicks consist of one of the most exciting moments in the world Cup. A total of 22 penalty shootouts have occurred in the history of World Cup, of which only 2 took place in the final match, the first in 1994 when Brazil beat Italy and the second in 2006 when Italy beat France.
  • Fastest Goal scored by Turkey – The fastest goal, ever, was scored by Turkey in 2002 against South Korea. The South Koreans had the ball and passed it to the defense, then the ball was stolen by Turkey and the goal scored by Hakan Sukur in just 11 seconds.
  • Pele is the only one to be a part of 3 World Cup titles – The indomitable Brazilian footballer, Pele, ruled the roost in the 1960s and was an integral part to push his team to win three World Cup titles, in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He was the youngest player ever to win the championship at only 17 years and 249 days old.
  • Two footballers played in 5 World Cup Tournaments – Most players only get a chance to play in 2 or 3 World Cup tournaments. But Matthaus of Germany and Antonio Carbajal of Mexico have been a part of five World Cup championships each. Matthaus holds the record of having played 25 games from 1982 to 1998.
  • The latest goal in World Cup was scored by Italy – In 2006, Italy and Germany were looking at a tie. In the 119th minute, Fabio Grosso of Italy scored a goal followed by another one by Alessandro Del Piero at the 121st minute, which became the latest goal in World Cup history.
  • 2014 World Cup Debut of Goal-Line Technology – Goal-Line Technology became officially a part of the 2014 World Cup to help determine the position of the ball in 3D space. There are 14 separate cameras tracking the ball’s location and decide whether a goal counts or not.
  • The only Host country to lose out in the First Round is South Africa – The host country normally gives a stronger performance, at least in the First Round. The host country has won 6 World Cup championships and has never lost in the first round until 2010. South Africa failed to make it to the next level and out of the group.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Top Scoring Boots & Players So Far 0

FIFA World Cup 2014 Top Scoring Boots & Players So Far

Football boots or soccer cleats, whatever you may choose to call it, can make or break a game. Till date, in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, these incredible shoes, with the help of footballers, of course, have managed to score 136 goals and counting. Football boots control a huge part of the sports industry these days, with brands like Nike and Adidas dominating the market. Adidas already scored big with coming up with the official 2014 World Cup football, and now the best football shoe of the tournament is up! Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly are also scoring great at World Cup 2014. These amazing shoes are endorsed by star players Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and more. Shop Nike soccer shoes now and play like Ronaldo to win the laurels for your country.

Nike and Adidas also rule the market with their football kit including balls, replica shirts and boots, worth billions of dollars, annually. Star players are roped in to endorse their goods and paid top dollar in the industry. Cristiano Ronaldo is gets $29.9 million to endorse Nike, which is the highest of all the players in this World Cup. Lionel Messi earns £13.6 million from Adidas and Neymar £9.5 million from Nike, thus holding the second and third position, respectively.


Now that we have established how huge the football boots industry is, let’s check out the top 10 scoring boots in Brazil 2014 World Cup so far.

1.    Adidas adiZero F50; Goals – 38

Worn by star players like Lionel Messi (Argentina), Robin van Persie (Netherlands) and Thomas Mueller (Germany), it is one of the lightest boots in the market. The weight of each shoe is just 150g thanks to the top players. Other players who also had a hand in its increasing popularity are Karim Benzema, Arjen Robben and Luis Suarez. The shoes are made of synthetic leather that moulds to the foot and improves balance.

2.    Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly; Goals – 36

A very close second is Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly, endorsed by star players Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast) and Eden Hazard (Belgium). Nike was one of the first who came up with the revolutionary concept of starving their boots and began experimenting with Mercurial back in 2002. The product has become a best seller following their endorsement by Ronaldo. Xherdan Shaqiri of Switzerland and Ecuador’s Enner Valencia scored 3 goals wearing them too.

3.    Adidas Predator Instinct; Goals – 15

The Predator took the world by storm with its rubber ridges that added more force and spin to its shots. The boots became famous when David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane wore them on the field. The latest design of the boots include gel pads for a better ball control and made its debut in Brazil on the feet of Mesut Oezil (Germany), Andres Guardado (Mexico), and Oscar (Brazil).

4.    Nike Hypervenom; Goals – 10

Star players like Neymar of Brazil, Clint Dempsey of USA and Daniel Sturridge of England have worn and scored the net in Hypervenopm boots. Neymar scored 4 goals in three games and thus, inspired Nike to get him a custom-made gold boot for the rest of the tournament.

5.    Nike Magista Obra; Goals – 8

The Magista has daring looks and come in wide array of colors. Many footballers chose Magista just for its looks only but the boots delivered in spades in functionality as well. It is the first mid-cut boot in the market and has an attractive Dynamic Fit Collar. Each and every part of the boot is designed to create a better fit, increase comfort while decreasing the toe-to-ball distance. Magista boasts of neon colors and a knitted fabric, providing sock like comfort. Mario Goetze (Germany), Andres Iniesta (Spain), and Thiago Silva (Brazil) are the star players endorsing these shoes.

6.    Nike Tiempo; Goals – 6

Javier Hernandez of Mexico and Sergio Ramos of Spain yearned for the traditional football boots of the good old days made of leather. Nike Tiempo gives them exactly what they want with soft kangaroo skin molding to their feet.

7.    Puma evoPower; Goals – 6

Puma has come up with one of the most attractive and striking boots of this World Cup depicting the vitality and energy of Brazil and its culture with Puma evoPower. It comes in separate colors, one for each foot, blue for your left and pink on the right. Puma evoPower has included a foam cover applied just below the upper material to boost kicking accuracy. Football stars like Mario Balotelli (Italy), Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast) and Cesc Fabregas (Spain) have utilized the shoe’s power to the best advantage.

8.    Adidas Nitrocharge; Goals – 3

Star players like Xabi Alonso of Spain, Dani Alves of Brazil and Steven Gerrard of England have endorsed the boots in the field. The boots have an additional padding to provide extra protection. There are elastic strips around the forefoot and the soleplate of the boots that offers a greater spring while running.

9.    Warrior Superheat; Goals – 2

Tim Cahill of Australia has been roped in to endorse this relatively new brand and has done so with quite a loud bang. The boots are responsible for scoring, arguably the best goal so far in the tournament, even though Australia lost the match to Netherlands.

10.  Puma evoSpeed; Goals – 2

With a weight of just 201g, Puma evoSpeed is water-resistant and aids the players in scoring the perfect goal even in wet conditions. It comes in pink and blue shades and is worn by star players like Olivier Giroud of France, Sergio Aguero of Argentina and Santi Cazorla of Spain.

Italy and Spain were expected to do great things but the high expectations and hopes have only led to disappointments. England, Bosnia, Portugal, Croatia and Russia were all eliminated during the group play. Netherlands has already kicked its way in to the quarter finals of the 2014 Brazil World Cup along with Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica, which is a huge relief. The next four matches will decide the fate of France, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Nigeria, Algeria, Switzerland and USA.

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Universal Orlando on-site hotels are another popular destination this season. You can stay steps away from the Universal Orlando and enjoy stupendous savings. You will be able to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, even before the theme park opens. You can enjoy the shuttle buses to and from the theme parks and delivery of your shopping right to your room. Enjoy the Harry Potter theme park and enjoy the journey of his life and his last battle with Voldemort. For fans of Harry Potter this is the best way to spend time with the iconic hero of J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Priceline offers cheap vacation packages whenever you choose your destination on their website. It also gives a glimpse of what it offers with Featured Vacation Packages. This season, Priceline has come up with awesome deals for Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Now is the time where you save a lot of your money by booking for your Atlantis vacation. You can save big plus get free unlimited access to largest water park and casino in the Caribbean. Your Atlantis vacation will be the perfect time to lose yourself to the glory and the luxury of your stay. You can also swim with dolphins, meet a sea lion or have an exotic celebrity chef dining. Atlantis offers six unique and luxurious accommodations to choose from, namely, Beach Tower, Coral Tower, Royal Towers, Reef, Cove and the Harborside Resort, and as such, there is something for every guest.

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Musician’s Friend is home to all your musical instruments, gear and tools. They are also a hive for exclusive musical content that help you create the music you want. Musician’s Friend coupons help you to get free shipping on almost all its products with great customer service. Musician’s Friend offers all musical instruments on sale including the top brand musical equipments like guitars, amplifiers, basses, sound effect gear, keyboards and MIDI, drums, percussion, live sound equipment, DJ lighting and gear, recording instruments and software, microphones, Folk instruments, accessories and much, much more. Musician’s Friend also offers a great selection of used instruments and gear at great prices.


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crocs-shoes-on-saleShop Crocs shoes on sale and save up to 60% on the largest selection of casual footwear, sandals, clogs & more. Crocs is one of the leading brand in comfort footwear for men, women and kids. Choose the iconic clog to the latest sneakers, boots, sandals and heels. Celebrate the freedom of expression with hundreds of footwear styles, all distinct and awesome. There are many shoe collections to choose from for every season. Wear Crocs for comfort or style and stand apart wherever you go. Crocs shoes all boast of the revolutionary material Crosllite, which gives all your Crocs shoes that soft and comfortable feel. The material is completely lightweight and has odor-resistant properties. Crocs wearers know and love these shoes for their vibrant colors and super foot comfort.

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Lake Tahoe is popular all year round. The pristine water, paddleboats and a small picnic lunch will give you a very romantic setting and add a spark to your relationship. You can be adventurous and go skiing or just relax by a fireplace, and let the serene and wild beauty of the lake and the mountains seep into you.

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